House of Cards Season 3 Just Showed Up on Netflix For One Magical Moment

ARGH! House of Cards season 3 was up on Netflix for a few tantalizing moments. The new season of the Kevin Spacey vehicle is supposed to drop on February 27th. But something happened and it was live today. We were watching House of Cards! And then just as quickly as it was live, it was down. All life is woe. » 2/11/15 4:55pm 2/11/15 4:55pm

The Man Behind Iconic Video Game Music Finally Made a Chiptunes Record

Keiji Yamagishi isn't a household name but if you were playing video games say, 25 years ago, you know the sound of his erratic musical madness. He's the composer behind the music in classic games like Ninja Gaiden, Tecmo Bowl, and Captain Tsubasa. Now he's finally released a record of his own. » 2/09/15 9:55am 2/09/15 9:55am

This Handsome Bracelet Unrolls Into a Ruler 

We've managed to strap computers and and even multitools to our wrists. But what happens if you suddenly need to measure the length of something and you're far away from your toolbox? You're screwed! Or you were screwed. No longer, thanks to this clever bracelet that doubles as a bendy ruler. » 2/05/15 7:00pm 2/05/15 7:00pm