Tony the Tiger Can't Tweet Without Furries Begging Him for Sex

While most public figures have a hard time tweeting without at least one teen asking them to please sit on my face, daddy, the official Twitter account for Tony the Tiger, it seems, is dealing with an special breed of proposition. Because almost any time Tony tweets, the fawning furries of Twitter lose their shit. »11/04/15 4:16pm11/04/15 4:16pm

I've Found My Holy Grail of Headphones: The AKG Q701

The search for the perfect headphones can feel like a never-ending journey. And since everyone has different tastes, it’s impossible for someone else to recommend the perfect cans for you. But world be damned, I’ve found mine, and I’m never giving them up.
»10/19/15 5:20pm10/19/15 5:20pm

10 Haunting Photos From the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Catastrophe

Twenty-Five years ago the Exxon Valdez oil tanker spilled its guts across Alaska's shoreline. It was a massive ecological disaster of great importance for many reasons, but mostly because it's seared in our memories by horrifying photos. Here's a collection of the striking images that informed a generation of dialog… »3/24/14 7:05pm3/24/14 7:05pm

Starting today, you'll be able to access some Chrome Apps directly from your desktop on Macs. You might remember that a few months ago, Google liberated apps from its browser for Chrome OS and Windows. After downloading from the selection of "For Your Desktop" apps in the Chrome Web Store, they'll be easily accessible… »12/11/13 2:05pm12/11/13 2:05pm

Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

Hello friends! So the original headline for this post was, let's talk about your halloween costume and how you ate too many Milk Duds last night. We can talk about that, but we can also talk about anything your heart desires. And today, my heart desires a Google Nexus 5. What's on your mind? »11/01/13 4:03pm11/01/13 4:03pm

This Pioneer Turntable Really Grooves

Featuring direct drive and an auto-return tone arm, the Pioneer PL-4 remains a popular turntable sought after by collectors and audiophiles alike more than three decades after its introduction. And after watching this slick piece of retro-futurism from Light & Hevvy, mixing vintage-style shots with Mario Moretti's "… »5/09/13 5:04am5/09/13 5:04am

Gizmodo to Kinja Makes 8

This week we moved Gizmodo to Kinja. While we are far from finished (we'll never be finished), this at least completes the long planned transition off of our prior publishing platform, Ganja. Calling it a redesign is actually very far from the mark. The new look is the most immediate impression of the platform. Well… »5/01/13 5:17am5/01/13 5:17am