We play with a lot of gadgets around here at Gizmodo, and today, I played with another one. It promised to change my life. How did it measure up to the old way of solving this problem?

What Is It?

A gadget of reasonable proportions for the problem it's trying to solve. It costs slightly more than I want to pay, but if you wait a few months you should be able to get it for cheaper on Amazon.


Why Does It Matter?

Before this gadget, other gadgets only approximated a solution to the problem this gadget is trying to solve. Some accomplished the goal less elegantly, others just didn't look as good doing it. Furthermore, this category of gadgets is in need of a major revolution. Here is the best attempt I've ever seen at solving the problem.


Sleek, modern and efficient, though, I would've appreciated something a little less bulky that jigsawed seamlessly into my life. It's almost small enough to fit in some pockets, and it won't be much of an encumbrance if you throw it in a backpack with other gadgets. Skinny jeans: no.


Using it

This new gadget does exactly what it's advertised to do, though amazingly, it doesn't do it as well as I thought it would. It's absolutely perfect for the exact person it's designed for but other people might find that the solution isn't worth the bulk of the gadget, or that it's just too complicated for something you're not going to use constantly.


The newly added features we've never seen before are very rough and feel like they could've used a few more months (YEARS?!?!) in the oven. Still, this gadget is a bold statement that makes us excited for what gadget manufacturer might have to offer in the future.


It sort of solves the problem; it's pretty.

No like

It doesn't really solve the problem enough to be worth the trouble and expense.

Should you buy it?

Maybe...How much spare cash do you have to burn on gadgets?


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